Newsletter Version 7.8.0

Newsletter 7.8.0 brings with it a lot of changes in the way you can configure the profile page and the subscription form.

What's inside

Changes can be found in the administration organization (we hope to provide a better experience, maybe some time is required to familiarize with it) and a lot has changed about translations and multilanguage blogs.

What to check

  1. To know more about translations and multilanguage blogs please, read the new documentation page
  2. Check the “profile page” configuration: now you can set what is shown and what is not in a more simple way
  3. Check the configuration of the standard subscription form (forms created using HTML or our shortcodes should not be affected)
  4. Check the new dedicated configuration panel for the subscriber’s custom field (was extra fields)
  5. Check the revisited lists configuration panel

If you want to default all text to the one translated by the community, you can empty the configuration fields which contain labels and uncheck the “customize” flag for text edited with the visual editor.


If you’re worried about all that changes, you can consider disabling the WP auto-update for the Newsletter plugin and waiting some time to be sure there are no important issues.

Issues with lists

A user reported his list configuration has not migrated correctly. We’re looking at it to find out which could be the problem, but there is a backup of the old option if needed.

Enter the main newsletter configuration, you should see the URL on top of the browser like


changing the newsletter_main_main to newsletter_system_backup and the options backup should be shown. Opening the backup, a dump of the old options is displayed and can be used to find old information that may be missing.