BuddyPress Integration

BuddyPress is a popular WordPress plugin which adds social features to a standard blog. BuddyPress provides specialized signup forms and profile editing forms. With this Newsletter addon a subscription checkbox and a link to the subscriber profile page are added to BuddyPress.

This integration is available on WP.org.

From the BuddyPress Integration panel you can set some different behaviors:

  • Choose if the user should be subscribed automatically without asking or to show an option checkbox (checked or unchecked)
  • Choose if the user should be subscribed as confirmed or the activation is required (single/double opt-in)
  • Choose if the welcome email should be sent or not (if you’re already welcoming the users with BuddyPress you usually don’t want to send a second welcome email)
  • Every public label can be changed/translated
  • Choose to which lists the derived subscriber must be added