The Newsletter plugin has an extensive set of options for who want to configure it even to the finest detail but it usually works greatly out of the box. Newsletter is composed by different modules which actually correspond to the main activities a blog owner needs to deal with on a mail marketing system:

  • the subscription, confirmation and cancellation process (and the related forms)
  • the subscribers management
  • the creation and delivery of newsletters
  • the analysis of the mail campaigns

To read only the most significant parts of this documentation you can concentrate the attention on the delivery engine and the related speed questions, the subscription forms documentation where you can find the HTML rules for the fields, the newsletters’ themes customization and their file system location to avoid to loose them on plugin update.

Questions not answered on documentation can be asked in the forum.

Installing addons

To install our addons you need the Addons Manager plugin. Get it here. Once installed, every other addon can be easily activated from the Addons page in the Newsletter administration pages.

Professional Features

Newsletter is a complete mail marketing system for WordPress, for free, but it can be even more improved with extra features. Here the detailed documentation of those addons.

Integration with other WordPress plugins

The mail marketing is only a part of a business and should be connected with other activities (e-commerce, content production, customer contacts, …). Here the detailed documentation of our addons which integrate Newsletter with other top leading WordPress plugins.

Mail Delivery Services Integration

Newsletters delivery can be greatly improved using a professional mail delivery service.

Those services reliably deliver emails to your subscribers and report invalid contact emails (bounces). The top services available are integrated with Newsletter Addons which interface Newsletter with their delivery and bounce reporting API (Application Program Interface). That is an efficient and modern method to send emails which replaces the old SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).