The Archive Addon enables a special shortcode that can be used in a WordPress page to show the sent newsletter archives. The shortcode to use is (without inner spaces)


On the first page show, the list of sent newsletters appears made of the subject and the sending date. Clicking on a newsletter, it is shown with a heading 2 title (H2) containing the subject and a frame containing the real text. The frame is required since every newsletter is a real and complete HTML page and cannot be embedded directly into the page: the blog style would affect (negatively) its appearance.

Alternatively, you can set to show the newsletter content on a new browser page, see the addon configuration.

Some page builders and/or themes block does not work correctly with the page-embedded newsletter view. Use the alternative view mode.

By default, listed newsletters are the ones sent (not still sending), not private, and created as regular newsletters. The automatically generated newsletter can be listed as well, for example, the ones generated by the Automated Addon using special shortcode attributes. See below.

Show a presentation text

The newsletter list could require a “presentation” text. It’s possible to add a text over the list including it with the newsletter archive shortcode. For example, if you want to write over the list “This is my newsletter archive…” you can do it in this way (without inner spaces within the shortcodes):


This is my newsletter archive…


The presentation text is then hidden when the single newsletter is shown.

Shortcode attributes

  • max – the max number of newsletters to list
  • type – the newsletter type to show (for example the ones by Automated, see below)
  • show_date – set to “true” to show the date, if not specified the main configuration is used
  • separator – symbol or text to separate the date from the newsletter title
  • title – the list title as H2 text

List newsletters generated by Automated Addon

To list the newsletters generated by Automated extension, you need to add a type to the shortcode:

[newsletter_archive type="automated_X"]

where X is the channel ID number which can be found on the Automated main administration page.