How Can We Help You?

Ask a question like “How can I import subscribers?” and our AI will try to find an answer or suggest the relevant documentation pages.

Emails, newsletters, and delivery

Emails not delivered

Don’t worry, here is a guide for this specific problem.

Emails look bad

It happens especially on Outlook. Please check out these common issues and solutions.

Delivery is slow

Read here how to solve the problem.

You can even check out our troubleshooting area with many self-service solutions

Payments, renewals, and refunds

Automatic renewals

There are no automatic renewals! Leave the license to expire and continue to enjoy the add-ons*.

* without updates and support

My credit card details

We never get or store your credit card details, they’re managed by the payment gateway.


Refunds can be requested within 30 days by filling out this form.

Account, licenses, and invoices

Lost your access?

Recover your password (maybe using the email address where the order confirmation has been received).

I can’t find my invoice

Invoices are available after 10 days on the account page.

No license in my account

You’re logged in with the wrong account: try to log in with the email address used during the purchase (where the confirmation has been received).

If you can’t solve your account-related problems, please contact us.

Automated and Autoresponder addons

Newsletters are not generated

Usually is a template configuration. Read about the common issues.

Daylight Saving Time (DST) problems

Usually saving the channel settings fixes it up. Read about the common issues.

Do not forget our Automated and Autoresponder guides.

Problem not solved? Ask us!

Open a ticket (for customers) or ask in our forum.