“User” is anyone using the Newsletter plugin.

“Company” is Webagile SAS, the EU company that distributes the Newsletter plugin.

“Hosting Company” is the company that provides the hosting (shared web-space, databases, servers, file storage, …) for the User sites.

Privacy and Cookie policies

You can find the privacy policy here and the cookie policy here.

Terms and Conditions

You can find the terms and conditions here.

Data Processing Agreement – DPA

While the User is a data controller for the personal data collected using the Newsletter plugin installed in its own sites, the Company is NOT a data processor since there is no personal data transfer between the Customer sites and the Company systems. Nor there is data processing or data access by the company directly on the User sites.

All data collected by the User is located on the database and file system where the site is hosted, hence under the DPA between the User and the hosting company.


The Newsletter plugin, installed on the User sites, sends emails using the site mailing system that could be provided by the Hosting Company or a third-party Mail Delivery Service if configured using a third-party plugin (for example and SMTP plugin). When the User uses one of the Newsletter Delivery Addons, the emails are sent using directly the service connected with the using the addon.

The User should verify the availability of DPA with the delivery service used by its system. Examples of Mail Delivery Service DPA are:

  • Mailjet –
  • SendGrid –
  • Mailgun –
  • Amazon –

Some companies provide a tool to create a custom DPA based on the services the User is using or incorporate the DPA in their service terms.

Under no circumstances, emails (and related contained data) are transferred to the Company.

Last update 2022-02-22