Set your newsletters on autopilot

With Automated addon, you can schedule newsletters to be sent out periodically with your last blog contents, like posts, offers or products. Set it once and forget about it: pick a template, add your blocks, refine the overall design and set the schedule options. Now relax and watch your audience grow effortlessly.

Get full control on email automation

Add as many content blocks as you want directly from our visual composer and schedule your automated newsletter according to your needs: daily, weekly, monthly or on a specific date. You can set as many channels as you need, each with different contents and schedulation.

Take a look at our premium plans
  • Perfect targeting

    Send newsletters to everyone or just to a selected audience by using lists.

  • Multilanguage

    If you run a multilanguage website, send the right content to the right people, following their language preferences.

  • Smart

    Are you on vacation and you didn’t post anything new? No worries. Automated knows and will skip to the next schedule.

  • Tracking

    Keep track of your campaigns with the included Reports Addon.