What does it mean by one year of support and updates?

When you get a license, it enables you to download the addon packages as many times as you want for 1 year and, of course, always in the most updated version. After that period, all add-ons continue to work but you can’t get new releases. The premium support is available via tickets and you can access it for a whole year up until the license expires.

How my account is created? Do I need to register?

If you start a purchase when you are already logged in, the purchase will be automatically assigned to your account. So, if you prefer to choose your account name and email address, register now. If you purchase without being logged in an account will be created automatically and the credential mailed to the email address sent back by the payment gateway. For example, PayPal sends back your PayPal log-in email. It would be better to add info@thenewsletterplugin.com to your contacts to avoid the messages being spammed and lost.

How can I download the add-on packages? While they are not suddenly available?

It’s recommended to install the addons manager so you can manage everything from your blog administration side. You only need to set your license code on the Newsletter plugin main settings page. If you prefer to manually download the addons go to your account page and there you can get all the add-on packages. They are regular plugins you can install from the plugin management page in your blog.

When the license period expires, the addons will continue to work?

Absolutely and definitively YES! The license duration is intended to download updates and get premium support.

When the license expires, can I still install the plugin on other blogs?

Yes, your copy is for life. If you are satisfied with your copy you can use it (respecting the license) forever. That means you can install the plugin on all blogs you own (now and created in the future) with a blogger license or on any blog if you have an agency license.

The plugin seems to not work after the last upgrade

Please, be sure to deactivate and reactivate the Newsletter plugin and all addons as the first step. Deactivation of our plugin or addons DOES NOT delete configuration or collected data.

How can I install an addon for the first time?

It is recommended to use our add-ons manager which takes care to do all the complex work for you (first installation and update). Alternatively, you can download the add-on package as a ZIP file from your account page and upload it from your blog administration using the plugins management page and selecting the option to upload a file. Since WordPress 5.0 you can even update an addon with the same procedure.

How can I update an already installed addon?

Every addon can be updated as you update other plugins. You need to install the addons manager and set the license code on the main Newsletter settings. If you prefer a manual update, just get the ZIP package of the wanted addon from your account page and upload it from your bog plugin’s management page.

Are there any limitations?

The Newsletter Plugin doesn’t have any limit on subscribers or newsletters. Our plugin can manage unlimited contacts and send unlimited emails (your hosting provider may have some restrictions).