Frequently Asked Questions

How my account is created? Have I to register?
If you start a purchase when you are already logged in, the purchase will be automatically assigned to your account. So, if you prefer to choose you account name and email address, register now.

If you purchase without being logged-in an account will be created automatically and the credential mailed to the email address sent back by the payment gateway. For example, PayPal sends back you PayPal log-in email.

It would be better to add to your contact to avoid the messages to be spammed and lost.

How can I download the files? While they are not suddenly available?
To download the files, you must log-in on this site. You may be already logged in if you did it before the purchase or you should check the mailbox for credentials generated by the purchase.

The files are available when you receive an email about your new contract: that email is sent when the payment gateway send us the notification, which may happens after some minutes: don’t worry and if in doubt, write us at

The file can be downloaded from the Account page: on active files there will be a download link.

When the licence period expires, the plugin will continue to work?
Absolutely and definitively YES! The contract duration is intended to download updates, our plugins are not domain linked and have not expiring functions.

When the contract expires, can I still install the plugin on other blogs?
Yes, your copy is for life. If you are satisfied with your copy you can use it (respecting the licence) forever. That means you can install the plugin on all blogs your own (now and create in the future) with an end customer licence or on any blog if you have a consultant licence.

The plugin seems to not work after the last upgrade
Please, be sure to deactivate and reactivate the plugin as first step. Deactivation of our plugin DOES NOT delete configuration or collected data.

How can I install a plugin for the first time?
When you download the plugin package as a ZIP file, it’s named with the plugin name and a version number. Decompressing the ZIP archive you’ll end with a folder named as the plugin, for example “newsletter-pro”.

That folder must be uploaded on wp-content/plugins folder of your blog. Usually you’ll do that with an FTP client, like Filezilla.

How can I update an already installed plugin?
As for the first installation, unzip the plugin archive and extract the plugin folder contained in it. Deactivate the plugin on your blog and upload all the files overwriting the existing copy. You can even delete the original copy in your blog, if you want, just to have a clean installation.