Ask To Confirm Subscription To a Set of Imported Contacts

You may need to import a list of new contacts and later ask them to confirm they want to receive your communications. That is a very easy task which can be implmented in few clicks. First, import your new contacts using the standard import feature or the Advanced Import addon. Be sure to: select a … Read more

Ideas To Use Automated Addon on a Magazine Blog

How can I productively setup the Automated Extension on a magazine blog? If your blog is a multi topic magazine, with distinct categories (for example sport, gossip, life style and so on) the best way to answer this question is to ask another question: what my readers expect to have from the newsletter service on my blog? … Read more

Deleting Inactive Subscribers (GDPR)

A new aspect covered by GDPR is the data retention period. GDPR asks to decide and communicate how much time the personal data is kept before being totally deleted because no more useful. Defining an obsolescence time is not easy and it’s strictly related to the business and the relation between the customer and the supplier. … Read more

How To Add a Subscription Form on External Sites

With Newsletter it’s possible to add a subscription form for your newsletter service on external sites. To perform this operation, you just need to copy and paste a bit of HTML code. If you have some HTML and CSS skills, you can personalize the design and style of your form. Lets start! The first step … Read more