Ask To Confirm Subscription To a Set of Imported Contacts

You may need to import a list of new contacts and later ask them to confirm they want to receive your communications. That is a very easy task which can be implmented in few clicks.

First, import your new contacts using the standard import feature or the Advanced Import addon. Be sure to:

  1. select a new and empty list for your imported subscribers
  2. select to import them as “not confirmed”
  3. select to skip the already present subscribers

After the import completes, you have the new subscribers in the specified list and as “nor confirmed”. It means they won’t be included in your email campaigns untile they confirm the subscription.

Now move to the newsletter creation page and start a new Newsletter. Write your invitation to confirm and be sure to add a call to action (if you use the composer) or a link (if you use the old editor) with URL set to {subscription_confirm_url}. That is a special tag replaced with a personal link which lets the subscriber to confirm.

Send your newsletter and see the activation come in!