Different Subscriptions Form Ending in Different Lists

With a mail marketing system in your blog, you may need to create different landing page with different subscriptions. An example is when your blog offers two main kind of contents and you’re promoting both in different ways and with different landing pages. Newsletter offers the ability to add subscription form in any post or … Read more

How To Setup a Subscription Flow To Ask More Details After Sign Up

You know it: offering a subscription asking 20 different profile fields does not work. Every subscription form should be limited to name, email and a limited number of options the user can select with a click or a tap. But what about if you want to collect more informations? If what you need is something you really … Read more

How To Add a Subscription Form on External Sites

With Newsletter it’s possible to add a subscription form for your newsletter service on external sites. To perform this operation, you just need to copy and paste a bit of HTML code. If you have some HTML and CSS skills, you can personalize the design and style of your form. Lets start! The first step … Read more