How To Setup a Subscription Flow To Ask More Details After Sign Up

You know it: offering a subscription asking 20 different profile fields does not work.

Every subscription form should be limited to name, email and a limited number of options the user can select with a click or a tap.

But what about if you want to collect more informations? If what you need is something you really need (for example a phone number), you should ask it at first step because this mandatory request filters out automatically who do not want to give you the phone number. Because you absolutely need the phone number!

But if that field is actually optional for you, you could use a different approach and ask it after the subscription has been acquired.

How to ask more data after sign up

It’s really easy with Newsletter plugin, you can use the welcome page content. This content can be setup on subscription panel and usually contains only a warm welcome message.

If you change that message adding the tag {profile_form}, the complete form is shown and you can ask, kindly, to fill in more data.

The subscriber’s profile setup

The subscriber’s profile can be set on “form fields” panel.

For each field you have the option to ask it during the subscription or just show it later on the profile editing page.

For example you’re interested in collection the gender: you’ll set the gender field as “on profile” and it appear only on profile form and not on subscription form.

Easy, isn’t it?

Give a try to this technique in your blog!