Images in the email are not showing up

This is a problem that appears randomly and often the same newsletter opened with different clients (Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, Office 365, …) shows different behaviors. Short answer: it’s not a problem with your newsletter or of the Newsletter plugin. But let’s see in detail what can be the reason. The first thing … Read more

This URL has been blocked. Error Code: 4722

This particular error could be seen when saving a newsletter and the action is blocked without any possibility to continue. The message is returned by a hosting provider filter which analyses the content of the sent data (actually your newsletter body, subject, and other parameters) and determines it contains unsafe things. Of course, that is … Read more

Adding Attachments to Newsletters

Quick answer: the Newsletter plugin does not support adding attachments included in your newsletters. We suggest adding a button (CTA – Call to Action) with a link to the file you want to provide to your subscribers storing it in your media library. Reasons Even digital things have weight. If a newsletter can be compared … Read more

Automated and Multilanguage

Automated Addon can be be used in a multilanguage blog (with WPML or Polylang) but require some extra configuration and organization (nothing complicated anyway). Example 1 We suppose to have two languages in our blog, language A and B. And we suppose to write content in both language, but not necessarily every post in language … Read more

Reactivity or CTOR: What It Is and Why It Is So Important

This parameter (you can find it for each newsletter in the Reports Analytics panel, there is a premium version too) measures how many subscribers click on an email after they opened it. We used to call it “reactivity”, but technically it is called “CTOR” (Click to Open Rate). Although it is often put aside, this … Read more

Different Subscriptions Form Ending in Different Lists

With a mail marketing system in your blog, you may need to create different landing page with different subscriptions. An example is when your blog offers two main kind of contents and you’re promoting both in different ways and with different landing pages. Newsletter offers the ability to add subscription form in any post or … Read more