reports All the newsletter statistics
you’ll ever need.





Know more about your subscribers
preferences and send the newsletters they deserve!


Global and Single Dashboard

Choose between a global dashboard showing all your sending history or a detailed single-campaign performance panel and switch through them with ease.

Subscribers Gender

Stay aware of your mailing list gender-based interactions behaviour and adapt your campaign to increase overall performances.

Geo-referenced interactions

Keep track of your subscribers world location and determine which countries perform better: then refine your campaigns accordingly!

Completely Redesigned

A new, simplified user interface with all the metrics right before your eyes: keeping track of your newsletteres performances has never been easier.

Powerful Retargeting

Fine-tune your campaigns following your subscribers behaviours: Reports 4 lets you to create new lists in seconds based on kind of interaction occured.

Single Subscriber Details

Get in-depth interactions analysis for every subscriber: find out who did receive, open or click your newsletters and even IP address (if available).



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