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The new SMTP addon and the moving out of SMTP from Newsletter

By March 8, 2021September 28th, 2021One Comment

With the aim to improve Newsletter, we decided to move the SMTP delivery method out the main plugin and provide it with a free addon. This choice helps you to run a lighter plugin if you don’t need the SMTP feature and to get lower impacting updates when it comes to changes on the SMTP component.

So, what you should expect if you’re using the SMTP internal delivery method?

Nothing special, we designed the migration as smooth as possible.

If you prefer a third party SMTP plugin

  1. Install it (you can choose from many plugins: Easy WP SMTP and WP Mail SMTP are good choices)
  2. Configure it (you can use the same values used in Newsletter SMTP panel)
  3. Test it!
  4. Disable the SMTP feature in Newsletter

If you prefer to install our new SMTP addon:

  1. move to the Newsletter addons panel, find the SMTP addon and install it (if it is not there, please save Newsletter main option to clear the version addon list cache)
  2. on first install, it copies all original SMTP settings
  3. the SMTP menu entry under “Settings” now link the SMTP addon panel and no more the internal SMTP configuration panel
  4. check the settings, run a test and if everything is ok you’re done!

As per your feedback, we can change those steps in the near future but the underline concept will remain the same: install the SMTP addon to replace the internal SMTP feature.

More about SMTPs and third party plugins

Even if our SMTP addon works perfectly, you may prefer to install a general SMTP plugin in your site. That solution redirects all emails sent by your blog via your preferred SMTP, which should be even the recommended choice.

So, if you install a SMTP plugin, disable our SMTP addon and/or our SMTP (old) delivery feature: Newsletter will send all emails using your SMTP plugin.

When could make sense to have an SMTP plugin and our SMTP addon both active

If you need to send only the Newsletter related message with an SMTP and all other messages by means of another SMTP, you can keep our addon active: Newsletter will use it for every sent email (newsletters and service messages).

About Gmail

Gmail requires and oAuth 2 authentication to send an email with a gmail account. We do not support this option, hence you can install a third party plugin that supports it.