WP Registration Extension

This extension for the Newsletter plugin links the standard user registration flow to the subscription process.

You select between two main working modes:

  1. offer the subscription in the registration form (possibly pre-checked)
  2. force the subscription to you newsletter to every new registered user

Custom registration forms

There are many themes and plugins which offer a custom registration form. This extension works correctly even with those custom registration solutions IF they follow the standard WordPress convention of fire the user_register event. If you need to check the compatibility of your plugin with this extension ask the plugin author if the follow the WordPress convention (most of the times if they uses the provided WordPress functions to register the user, the answer is “yes”).

Subscription option on custom registration forms

The option (checkbox) to subscribe is added to the standard WordPress registration page. Custom registration forms are compatible if the fire the register_form event. Alternatively you can add a checkbox in your custom registration form with name “newsletter”. See the example below:

<label><input type="checkbox" name="newsletter"> Subscribe our newsletter</label>

If you need it to be pre-checked:

<label><input type="checkbox" name="newsletter" checked> Subscribe our newsletter</label>

Ask the custom registration form developer how to add such element.

The subscription flow

The extension offers few configurations to customize the subscription and confirmation flows. In order to provider a frictionless subscription experience, with the default configuration, the subscription follows those steps:

  1. on registration a subscriber is created with status “to be confirmed”
  2. on first login the subscriber is set as confirmed

No confirmation request is sent, since the login is a proof of the email ownership.

This simplified process can be changed enabling anyway the confirmation email, useful for blogs where the subscription does not follow an immediate login. Even the welcome email is by default suppressed but can be enabled, for example if there are not predefined welcome emails provided by other plugin after the registration.

Confirmation on login

The subscription connected to a WordPress user can be confirmed automatically on first log-in. With custom login forms, it works only if the plugin managing the authentication follows the standard WordPress convention and the user_login event is fired.

Developers note: you can learn more about the user_login event and the sing-on flow checking the wp_signon() WordPress function.


Subscription during registration is logically different from a registration while leaving a comment or using the subscription form in the sidebar. So we strongly suggest to create a specific list that will be assigned to subscribers coming from the WordPress registration. Automatic list assignment can be useful even to subscribe to Automated channels or autoresponders.

Having a specific list make it even easier to target a campaign only to registered users. Anyway the targeting panel for a newsletter let you to select directly only the subscribers which are connected to WordPress users.


If a list if registered users is already present, they can be associated to subscribers profiles using the import functionality.