Getting Started

Welcome to Newsletter! Using Newsletter for WordPress should be very simple. At least, we tried to make it as easy as possible. With Newsletter you will be able to create and send professional newsletters in just a few clicks.  

First of all, you should install the free plugin either manually or automatically from your WordPress plugin panel. 

If you want to install the plugin manually, the latest version of the Newsletter plugin can be found here.

When available, updates will be notified directly in your WordPress Dashboard (it’s a WordPress feature) and you can update the plugin directly from your admin panel.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, our configuration wizard should open automatically. It will help you to set up the essential features of the plugin.

Here you have a tutorial on how it works:

Important notes:

  • As shown in the tutorial, the wizard creates a Newsletter page on your site! That page will be used to show service messages and so on, and it can also be used as a subscription page for your site. 
  • You can personalize it on the page editor of WordPress. Just don’t remove the [newsletter] shortcode, otherwise it will display a 404 error page!! You can find more information about the dedicated page here.
  • Always keep in mind that through the Newsletter dashboard you can personalize every aspect of the newsletter. For example, if you want to change some of the information you inserted through the configuration wizard, you can either start again from the beginning (by clicking again on Welcome) or you can search for a specific setting on the menu at the top of the page. 

That’s all for now! Go back to the documentation, there is much more to explore.