How to Install an Extension

All currently supported add-ons are available in the new Add-ons panel inside your Newsletter administration area. Free add-ons can be installed with a click while premium extensions just require you to set the license code in the Newsletter main setting panel. Your license code is available in the Account page.

Add-ons can be installed manually as well, check laterin this page for instructions.

Installing the add-ons manager

To enable the one click install from your blog, first you need to install our add-ons manager. You can get it here.

When the add-ons manager is active, the add-ons panel will show up the install and activate buttons for each add-on both for free and paid add-ons. Just remember to set your license code on Newsletter main settings to enable the installation of our premium add-ons. See the pictures below.

Add-ons are regular plugin, so you can update them when we release a new version directly from your blog plugins panel.

Possible errors

Blogs not allowed to connect to other sites

If your blog cannot connect to other sites, or is limited to selected external sites you can have problem to validate the license and to download the extensions.

To check this possible problem enter the Newsletter main setting, set your license and save: the panel should report if there was any error.

Errors like “connection timeout” should be reported to your provider and ask to unlock the connection to

Error in zip format

Our extension are packaged in a standard zip format so when you see an error regarding the zip format probably the blog is not able to download the extension and unpack it.

Check if the license is valid and verified in the Newsletter main settings panel.

If the error persist, download directly the extensions you need from page and install manually.

Updating an extension

Updates are available directly in your plugin panel and work in the same way for any other plugin installed in your blog. If you’re experiencing errors (see the previous paragraph) you can proceed with a manual update:

  1. deactivate the extension you want to update
  2. delete the extension (no data will be lost)
  3. download the new version from your account page
  4. install the zip package from your plugins panel, selecting “add new” and then “upload plugin”
  5. activate it

Remember to NOT customize the extension code, since the update will restore the original files!

Very old extensions

Newsletter extensions, since version 2.x, are regular WordPress plugins and can be installed directly from your blog plugin panel. If you have the old extensions installed in the wp-content/extensions/newsletter folder, you must remove them.

Manually installing an extension

First install

  1. Depending on the WordPress version you’re using, you should simple enter the plugin panel, choose “Add New” and then “upload” on top of the page.
  2. Select the file of the wanted Newsletter extension as downloaded from the downloads page (you don’t need to unzip it) and let WordPress to install the plugin.
  3. Activate the plugin corresponding the the installed extension and you should have a new menu voice under the Newsletter main menu voice.

Note: the extension files are usually added to the wp-content/plugins folder of your WordPress installation under a folder named newsletter-[extension name].

Removing an extension

An extension, being a normal WordPress plugin, can be deactivated an removed from the plugin panel itself using the actions provided by WordPress.

On removal we decided to not delete options/data collected by an extension since the removal process can be used to restore a compromised blog or for other maintenance activity.