Getting Started

Start to use Newsletter for WordPress should be very simple. At least I tried to make it easy.

First you should install the free plugin either manually or automatically from your WordPress plugin panel. The latest version of Newsletter can be found here. Updates will be notified directly from your blog (it’s a WordPress feature) and you can update it directly from your administrative panels.

Once installed, the plugin is ready to collect subscriptions. The easy method is to move to the widget panel and search the Newsletter widget. Drag it on your sidebar and you’re done: open your site and try to subscribe your self.

I’d like to have Newsletter plugin to show messages in a WordPress page, so they look better and they are in the blog context. Use the “Subscription” panel and you’ll find a button to create that WordPress page for you. You can re-edit that page to change the title, for example, but leave the content as initially set.

That page can be used as subscription page as well, with or without the widget.

Now it’s time to translate the public messages (or to write them in a decent English or with your style). Don’t worry, not strange file to edit. Everything is inside the “Subscription” panel.

The you can find the subscription message (the one users see entering the page created before), the confirmation required text, the welcome and the unsubscription messages. All emails sent during the subscription process can be customized as well.

Yes, it require time, but it’s the face you’re showing to your special readers (special because they’re becoming subscribers).

Now you’re thinking: I want to ask even the name, not only the email address. No problem. You can ask even the gender. Go to the “Subscription” panel and on the top find the button “Form fields and layout”. Surprise! You can set which fields should appear on the subscription form. And you can “Newsletters” panel and press “create a new newsletter”. The rest is left as an exercise.

Now you should go back to the documentation, there is much more to explore.