Automated and Multilanguage

Automated Addon can be be used in a multilanguage blog (with WPML or Polylang) but require some extra configuration and organization (nothing complicated anyway).

Example 1

We suppose to have two languages in our blog, language A and B. And we suppose to write content in both language, but not necessarily every post in language A is translated in language B. Hence we’re a bit more generic in this example.

In this first case, we assume every subscriber has a language set in his profile. If this is not the case in the subscriber maintenance page it’s possible to assign a language to who has not one.

The we want to create two Automated channels, the channel A with content in the language A and the channel B with content in language B. That is pretty easy, since when the template is designed, using the “Posts” block we can set it to extract content in language A or B, so we’re sure the newsletter will contain the righe content.

Static blocks (like texts) will be written in the correct channel language A.

Last step, on channel A we set as targeting the subscribers with language A and on channel B the subscribers with language B.

Of course we can filter by list. For example, if you have a list (non related to your languages) where you collect the subscribers which want to receive periodic updates, the channel A will be configured to send to that list and limiting the subscribers with language A and the same for the channel B.

Example 2

In this example, we configure the template channels as in example 1. But now we have two lists, the list A and the list B where we collect subscribers in the respective languages. Newsletter comes with this option on lists configuration page. We do not suggest to use this approach, even if in some situation is very useful.

Then your A and B channel are no more configured to filter the subscribers by language but to target respectively, the list A and the list B.


A channel cannot generate a single newsletter in more than one language (actually it generates a single newsletter), so to deal with more than one language you need to create more than one channel. That is very good even from a statistics collection and reporting.