Follow Up Extension

This addon is no more developed, please use the Autoresponder addon instead which provides this addon’s features and many more.

The main configuration

On main configuration there is a set of options that define how the module works. Is it active? Subscribers should be automatically “added” to this service? What’s its name so a subscribe can cancel the subscription to this series from his profile page?

How much time should be delayed the emails?


Emails composing

After the main options are set, the module configuration must be completed with some emails. It’s not required to prepare all the 10 emails, you can compose how many as you need.

The first email will be sent after the configured delay (in hours) has been passed, the second after the same delay from the first message.

Just remember that an email with an empty subject is never sent, so you can actually remove an email from the series BUT, as per functional design, the delays are still fully respected. So if you empty the subject of the email number 2, the email number three will be send after a double delay.

The behavior will probably revisited on future versions.


An message can be tested pressing the test button and it will be created and sent to the test addresses.


Considerations on this chapter refers to data exposed by the Reports Extension for Newsletter.

Of course statistics for those kind of emails are collected but since the same message is sent to a single user during a long period of time, the chronology of interactions are not really relevant.

So the number of subscribers who read the emails is a valuable data, the number of time links on emails are clicked is relevant, the graph of interaction over time not.