Ultimate Member Addon

The Ultimate Member Addon for the Newsletter plugin adds the subscription option on user registration and the lists in/out on membership levels.

Can I add a member as a subscriber when he registers? Yes, you can configure the addon to show a checkbox to offer the subscription along with the registration (and set the checkbox label) or to make the subscription implicit with the registration. The subscription on registration can even be disabled, if you don’t need it.

The standard welcome email is sent when the subscription is created along with the registration? No, the welcome email manager by the Newsletter plugin is not sent. We’re working to integrate this feature. Of course, emails generated by Ultimate Member for new users are sent.

Can I set or unset specific Newsletter plugin lists when the member changes role? Yes, the map between member roles and subscription lists are fully configurable. For each role, you can set the lists to activate and the lists to deactivate.

Can I import existing members? No, existing users cannot be imported using this addon. To do a massive import you can temporarily install the WP Users Addon and run the import. Then you should disable the WP Users Addon. Please note the imported users cannot be assigned to lists by role when imported with the WP Users Addon. We’re working to add the import feature.

Should I use even the WP Users Addon along with the Ultimate Member Addon? No, it is not necessary and not recommended. The WP Users Addon should be used only to integrate the standard WordPress subscription procedure with the Newsletter plugin subscriptions. Usually, with the Ultimate Member plugin, the standard signup method of WP is disabled.