Paid Membership Pro Addon

The Paid Membership Pro integration for the Newsletter plugin enables the subscription of new members along with the sign-up form and the real-time mapping between the members’ levels and the subscription lists.

Once the addon is installed, the subscription on registration can be configured with three options:

  1. subscription not enabled along with the signup
  2. showing a “subscribe me” checkbox
  3. making the subscription mandatory and implicit along with the registration (recommended)

The third option (mandatory subscription) is recommended to easily contact the members with newsletters, automatic notifications, welcome series, and so on.

Mapping membership levels to lists

Membership levels can be configured to map the subscribers’ lists in an incredibly flexible way: for each level the lists to be activated and the lists to be deactivated can be specified.

When a member changes its level (automatically, by expiration, by upgrade, and so on), the Paid Membership Pro Addon intercepts the modification and sets the new list combination on the connected subscriber’s profile.

Lists not configured to be activated or deactivated on the new membership level configuration and left as is.