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    Hi Stefano

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes. All other newsletterplugin add ons are updating automatically.

    Only these two are persistently failing:
    Amazon SES 1.4.2
    Newsletter – Reports and Retargeting 4.4.8

    I tried to click on the “Get it” link on my account page for Amazon SES 1.4.2, but it just takes me to this page:

    But it is not clear where I go from there to directly download the update.

    I also cannot see how to open a ticket.

    Do I not have a sufficient (current) license for this?

    Thank you,

    Mark Hunnibell

    in reply to: Suddenly a problem with Amazon SES #271287

    OK… so I did not hear from anyone but kept probing and found the problem.

    The problem was that another plugin I had installed (Total Upkeep) had an internal “hook” to Amazon AWS presumably to store backup copies if you have an account. But I was not using that Amazon AWS feature in Total Upkeep/

    I disabled the Total Upkeep plugin (there was no means I saw to disable the Amazon AWS feature).

    PRESTO! Back in business!



    Thank you for your reply. I thought I would receive an email informing me of any replies, but I did not receive it (maybe it too ended up as SPAM… something you probably should look into). That said, I was NOT trying to send AS a address… that was the error I received when trying to send TO a address.

    Anyway, after not receiving a reply, I went back over everything I did, step by step. It was then I saw something that made the difference.

    I do not understand the purpose of the “regions,” but an amazon SES account is apparently tied to a specific LOCATION in the region. Although I had created the amazon SES account for “Ohio” in the region “US-EAST-1,” when I configured the Newsletter plugin settings, I had misidentified the location (I cannot remember, but maybe I had put in “Pennsylvania”). Once I changed the Newsletter plugin settings to reflect “Ohio,” it IMMEDIATELY worked and I have not had any further issue.

    In your tutorial about setting up the Newsletter plugin for amazon SES, you probably should emphasize the need to match the actual location AND the region in the Newsletter plugin settings.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)