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    I previously posted about failure to update to Amazon SES 1.4.2, but now another is persistently failing:
    Newsletter – Reports and Retargeting available. View version 4.4.8 details or update now.
    Update failed: Download failed. Method Not Allowed


    Hi, the “method not allowed” does not seem a response from our server, but something limited in the way your blog can connect to our server (maybe something set by your provider?).
    Everyday we have hundreds of automated downloads, so it is not a general problem.

    You can download the addons from your account page on this site if the automatic update is not working.

    The problem is limited to only two addons and other are working? Since they’re premium addon, could you kindly open a ticket?


    Hi Stefano

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes. All other newsletterplugin add ons are updating automatically.

    Only these two are persistently failing:
    Amazon SES 1.4.2
    Newsletter – Reports and Retargeting 4.4.8

    I tried to click on the “Get it” link on my account page for Amazon SES 1.4.2, but it just takes me to this page:


    But it is not clear where I go from there to directly download the update.

    I also cannot see how to open a ticket.

    Do I not have a sufficient (current) license for this?

    Thank you,

    Mark Hunnibell


    Hi, all packages are available on your account page:


    there you have the active and expired licenses. License has not “levels”, every addon can be download if it is active.

    Looking at the account you’re using for this forum, the license has been expired on oactober, 2022.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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