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    Purdy Books

    I had no problem getting the Newsletter plugin installed and running, and I’ve found newsletter composition to be no problem.
    However, I am having two problems, and I’m hoping someone can give me suggestions for how to resolve them:
    1. I can’t seem to get the subscription widget to work in the sidebar of my website. I received a code from TNP that seemed as if it should be what is needed for the sidebar widget, but when I plugged that code into my sidebar widget area, it didn’t transform into a working widget. Instead, the code just shows up on the sidebar of my website instead of a functioning subscribe widget. The code that I received from TNP and that shows up on my website sidebar is: <div class=”ml-embedded” data-form=”CKK85v”></div>

    2. I have installed the ‘Advanced Import’ Addon to my TNP account, but I’m having difficulties importing a CSV list.

    I appreciate all the video tutorials and instruction pages included with TNP, but I don’t understand them quite well enough to solve these problems on my own. Any suggestions for how I can get some assistance with the two issues listed above?

    Purdy Books

    While I’m waiting for a reply to the two issues described above, could anyone please tell me exactly what priority support entails? What method of support (phone, email, ?) is provided and how quickly are response times, generally?
    Thanks in advance for any feedback you are able to provide!!!


    Hi, the HTML code you reported is not from our plugin, the ml-embedded and the data-form are not something we use.

    When you add a widget, you should find two specific widgets by the Newsletter plugin (the standard one and the minimal one).

    With the new WP widget system, you can even add a “shortcode widget”, if available in your installation, and use the Newsletter shortcodes like [newsletter_form] and its variants:


    About the importing, I can suggest to try to use the copy and paste with a small sample: then you should select the field separator and then mapping your CSV data to the subscriber data on the import configuration panels.

    If you have a specific issue and/or you can share a screenshot, I can be of more help.

    Purdy Books

    Thank you. I think I got it all figured out. It seems to be working okay now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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