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    I’ve been happily/guiltily using the [free] Newsletter plugin for a month or two and have been very pleased with it. I finally “bit the bullet” and went Premium via the Easter sale. It’s well worth it, folks – for the extra reporting features alone – so go grab it while you can!

    I have one feature request (that I’ve used in Joomla equivalents): to be able to send out re-confirmation/activation emails en-masse, instead of having to individually select/send each one manually.

    I know that may result in a flood of bounced emails, as the inactive subscribers are often typos in the email fields, but it would save a lot of time. Even the ability to multiple-select and resend would be nice!

    In the meantime – thanks for a superb plugin – and I hope you all weather this Covid storm without undue loss or hardship.



    Thanks for those links – there’s some useful pointers there.

    I agree – sending a NEW newsletter to unconfirmed subscribers would be the way to go. However … let’s say that, after sending that one out, I still have 200-300 unconfirmed users in the list. Is there no way of bulk deleting them from the admin panel? I realise it could be done by exporting only the confirmed subscribers then re-importing them into a new list, but that seems a rather long way around. Or am I missing something here (it wouldn’t be the first time, LOL!)?

    Just being able to multiple-select the users then adding a “Delete” in the “actions” drop-down would be so much easier, IMHO.

    This isn’t a major thing BTW – it’s still a *great* plugin!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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