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    Hi Stefano, i have the exact same problem here :
    I have Good Layer Theme, and the plugin Newsletter 4.7.6
    In the configuration (plugin.php) page, see below what i have…
    What do we need to change here ?

    define(‘NEWSLETTER_SUBSCRIPTION_POPUP_URL’, NEWSLETTER_URL . ‘/do/subscription-popup.php’);
    define(‘NEWSLETTER_SUBSCRIBE_URL’, NEWSLETTER_URL . ‘/do/subscribe.php’);
    define(‘NEWSLETTER_SUBSCRIBE_POPUP_URL’, NEWSLETTER_URL . ‘/do/subscribe-popup.php’);
    define(‘NEWSLETTER_PROFILE_URL’, NEWSLETTER_URL . ‘/do/profile.php’);
    define(‘NEWSLETTER_SAVE_URL’, NEWSLETTER_URL . ‘/do/save.php’);
    define(‘NEWSLETTER_CONFIRM_URL’, NEWSLETTER_URL . ‘/do/confirm.php’);
    define(‘NEWSLETTER_CHANGE_URL’, NEWSLETTER_URL . ‘/do/change.php’);
    define(‘NEWSLETTER_UNLOCK_URL’, NEWSLETTER_URL . ‘/do/unlock.php’);
    define(‘NEWSLETTER_UNSUBSCRIBE_URL’, NEWSLETTER_URL . ‘/do/unsubscribe.php’);
    define(‘NEWSLETTER_UNSUBSCRIPTION_URL’, NEWSLETTER_URL . ‘/do/unsubscription.php’);

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)