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    Thanks for the plug in!..

    I have a little problem that i dont know how to be solve….

    When i try tu subscribe and i send the email, it shows me and error on a blank page “Wrong email”…

    How can i solve this… I install the plugin and i follow the documentation, but i dont know what am i doing wrong..

    This is my site: http://tutiendametafit.com/



    I don’t know who coded the subscription form, but the field that should contain the mail address is hidden and empty and the field where one can actually input the address has no name… such a strange form…


    Dear stefano.

    No one coded the subscription form… this plugins comes with a theme that i bought.

    I dont see anywhere in your documentation how to set correctly the newsletter so it can function the way its supposed to be.

    The only thing that i did was, go to the plugin that comes with my theme, and set some configuration things that i understand. I set correctly the sender email, i create a test account, test it and it works fine…. BUT where do i configure the newsletter subscribe butto, so whe someone write the email and do clic on subscribe it works the way its supposed to be???

    Thank you!..



    Can you help me please!?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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