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    Hi, I recently installed this fabulous plugin, it’s awesome. I’m running last version of the plugin with last version of WordPress.

    Now I’m having trouble with the welcome email. For what I can see, it seems there are 2 places where you can set up the welcome email.

    First is at Subscription->Settings and messages->Welcome (A), where there are 2 forms, one to set up the Welcome message, and another to set up a Welcome email, which you can enable or disable and write some basic text or choose default text.

    The second place I see I can set up a Welcome email is at Subscription->Welcome email (B), which is a template where you can create using blocks a more elaborate email. Here you can choose between “Use the default welcome email”, “Use this custom welcome email” and “Do not send”.

    I would like to be able to send the welcome email template (from B), but I haven’t been able to achieve this, only the Welcome email from (A) is sent, I’ve tried differrent options on both places, but I can’t manage to send the Welcome email from template (B).

    Any help would be very much appreciated.


    Hi, thank you for reporting us that problem. It could be a bug, tomorrow I’ll ask the devs to check. Probably that new welcome email is blocked if you set to not send the standard welcome message, the configuration should be revised to avoid this double setting.


    Thanks a lot!

    If standard mail is set “disable”, nothing is sent, and if standard mail is set to “enable”, only standard mail is sent, so maybe there should another option “Send Welcome email template”, I don’t know.

    Also another thing I should notice, when you change the settings on standard mail (change to enabled or disabled) the whole welcome email template disapears and shows an empty page. That’s really annoying.

    Thanks for your hard work,


    Facing the same problem. Although there is an option to create a custom email, this is not the one that gets triggered. Nor is there a way of triggering it.

    Why are there two places
    to create a custom email when one of it does not work? It was quite confusing. And given this is the first step for any and every subscriber – it’s quite crucial and makes me think of other newsletter plugins which manage to do this alright. Is any resolution possible please?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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