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    I also see that the web version of the newsletter does not work properly.
    We are getting a 404-Page not found error, when clicking on the View online link.
    It is showing the following


    at the end of the url.

    The newsletter was made with the regular tool, not an extension.

    Thanks in advance for the help!


    Here’s a short story:

    A Newsletter is scheduled for today 2am. Although being really tired I want to make sure everything works out just as expected. Now, just a few seconds past two – after sending to a really large number of recipients has started, I notice, that the {email_url} shortcode does not work! Fortunatelly, my emailaddress was the first on the list. By the way, it neither worked in the test-mail, but I thought, this is just due to being a test…

    So I immediatelly hit STOP. Now, what would you do in my case at 2am?
    Proceed, sending a couple thousand emails with non working web url promoted prominently in the preheader section?

    Here’s what I just did:

    – Google returns nothing.

    – Checking this forum gives me two threads on the first page complaining, that {email_url} is apparently broken.

    Since I am not really keen to justify myself in just a few hours, I started searching for the search-and-replace functions. This is what I found:

    Starting at line 1062 in newsletter/includes/module.php

    if (!empty($email_id)) {
    $text = $this->replace_url($text, ‘EMAIL_URL’, $home_url . ‘?na=v&id=’ . $email_id . ‘&nk=’ . $nk);

    For reasons unknown, $email_id is empty, so {email_url} does not get replaced.

    However, few lines above, you can see, that {unsubscription_url} makes use of the same URL-parameter (nek). This is being parsed correct with an id set. So to keep it short, I just replaced the above lines of code as follows:

    if (!empty($email)) {
    $text = $this->replace_url($text, ‘EMAIL_URL’, $home_url . ‘?na=v&id=’ . $email->id . ‘&nk=’ . $nk);


    Perhaps you can imagine my joy after I fixed this code and gently pressed the ‘proceed’ button.
    (Of course after receiving a test and confirmed the working web URL, that is 🙂

    Time to go to bed 🙂 Good night!

    Edit: Version is 5.1.9


    thanks! worked for us, too!

    but it would be nice to have it fixed by the Newsletter team, since we were not be able to be update the plugin, having the module.php itself modified …


    Hello wellmatic1,

    i confirm! The online view run with this changes!

    best regards


    Andrea Marini

    Same for me on click i got this:

    I think we should expect a fix with an update?



    Hi, you’re running a version with a bug, it has been fixed on version 5.2.0+.



    Good morning.
    I am running 5.2.3 version but again {email_url} doesn’t work.
    More particularly, a message like ” It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try a search? ” is appeared.
    Could you explain me if it’is my mistake or plugin’s?


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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