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    we are not your customer yet and we are currently evaluating a solution for our calendar newsletter and before we commit with any solution we have to evaluate some aspects> That’s why I am writing you to ask for some clarification about your plugin “Newsletter plugin”:
    [Context: WordPress / The Events Calendar Plug-in]
    1. Can I specify a time frame for the events that I want to include in the newsletter, or will all future events be included automatically, and I can only select the quantity of events?
    2. In The Events Calendar add-on for WordPress, I see that a maximum of 20 events can be included in a newsletter. Is this the actual maximum limit?
    3. We were thinking to use MailerLite to send the emails, but we have noticed that your plugin is also managing the email creation, spam/SMTP/lists and segments, so it looks like you are providing the entire interface to manage the creation and the sending of a newsletter. However, we were wondering if it is possible to use MailerLite as the mailer using your plugin, as we have not found an add-on for MailerLite in your add-on list.
    If MailerLite cannot be used with your plugin which mailing system would you suggest?
    Thank you for your help.
    Best regards,


    Hi, it’s not possible to selected a timeframe, all future events with the specified number limit are selected right now. A custom block could probably be coded by a coder (is pretty easy) state that the are ways to ask the Events Calendar plugin to filter by dates (otherwise the implementation can be a bit more complicated).

    Mailserlite is a mail marketing platform, is not a delivery service, so we have not an addon for them. If they provide an SMTP interface (I don’t think, anyway), you can use an SMTP plugin to send via mailerlite the emails generated by Newsletter.


    Ok, and is not even possible to increase the maximum number of events to add in the newsletter? Currently the maximum is 20 only…..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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