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    Hi all.

    Let’s say I want my users/subscribers to be able to select tags of interest.

    Then I want to programmatically generate a newsletter for each set of tags from each user.

    Two users: Bob and Dan
    Bob wants soccer and tennis news
    Dan wants all the news

    I would programmatically generate two newsletters: one with all new posts, and one with posts only tagged soccer or tennis. The all-news newsletter goes out to Dan, and the soccer/tennis newsletter goes out to Bob.

    Further, once a post has been included in a newsletter, it would get marked as published/sent, and it would not appear in future newsletters. It would remain as a post on the website for logged in users to come revisit, however.

    Is something like this possible with Newsletter plugin? I don’t mind writing glue code/plugins, but if this is way outside the range of intended use for Newsletter, then I should look elsewhere.

    Thanks very much!


    Hi, no we do not support per subscriber customized newsletters. With automated you can create some channels deciding which groups of contents one can subscribe.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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