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    Hi there!
    I had to make a new “wp_newsletter” table within the WordPress Database – made up of entries of 5 older tables. By copy-pasting the lines within an exported .csv file it worked more or less fine: In PHPmyadmin I imported a .odt of the compiled rows with titles to the new “temp_wp_newsletter”. Because all the field specific settings concerning Type, collation, attributes etc WERE NOT CORRECT I truncated the before backuped “wp_newsletter” and copied the data only of “temp_wp_newsletter” into it. Now everything LOOKED super-fine. So far obviously only the four lists seem uncomplete:

    Whereas LibreOffice as well as PHPmyadmin do show 132 “1”-entries for “list_2” for example newsletter_subscription_lists shows only 4.
    -> Is there any way to delete a cache or reread plugins database entries ?!

    Thank you vefry much for any Idea, your Mysql-Newbie (;


    When I export List 2 the correct number of subsribers is exported: 132. So may I conclude, that the “newsletter_subscription_lists” just shows an old value – before my new compilation was injected? When I manually edit an existing subscriber to be part of List 2, the number augments to 5!


    newsletter_subscription_lists is only the list definition. You can change the definition on list management panel. If a list is missing the label but used it won’t appear, just give it a label.


    Hi Stefano!
    Thanks for your answer – no the label is alright! The shown number pof subscribers doesn’t correspond to the database!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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