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    Hubert CREPY (R&C)

    We are managing 3 lists for different (but not mutually exclusive) audiences. Members may be subscribed to 1, 2 or all 3 of the lists.
    At some point, some of them may want to unsubscribe from a particular list (clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of a particular message), but would NOT expect (nor want) that it removes them from the other newsletters as well, which is what appears to happen with the current “unsubscription” link in the footer.
    Is there some way to achieve that? Couldn’t find it so far.


    Hi, send him to the profile url where he can select the list he wants to be part of OR unsubscribe directly from that page.

    Hubert CREPY (R&C)

    Erm, I tried that, but on the profile, I see no list of lists to subscribe to/unsubscribe from.
    We do have 3 lists (1 public, 2 private), and I do have 3 test members currently subscribed to all 3 lists. (I’m trying to post a screenshot, but it appears to be rejected here)

    Hubert CREPY (R&C)

    Maybe I should explain a bit more what I’m trying to achieve:
    We run a non-profit organization and want 3 lists for targeted and progressively restricted audiences : public, members, staff.
    The public list should be visible and freely subscribed to/unsubscribed from (and the law says it has to have an easy-to-operate unsubscribe option linked on each mail).
    The “members” and “staff” lists, the admins will handle subscriptions (and it’s OK if recipients do not have a way to unsubscribe other than politely asking).

    What we definitely want to avoid (we had that happen from time to time in a previous implementation (not TNL pluggin) is a staff or member clicking on “unsubscribe” from a public list mail and being disconnected from the private lists as well.

    Hubert CREPY (R&C)

    OK, replying to myself.

    Finally found the way to do this : I marked my main list as Public, the other two (members and staff) as “Private” (the subscriptions there will be handled manually by the admin).

    I also had to go into “members – profile page” to add the “lists” fieds into the form (I think this was the part that was missing in my previous trials).
    Of course there is only one public list, so only one box to check-uncheck. I also removed the “unsubscribe” link, as I fear this might cause confusion by silently unsubscribing people from ALL lists (even hidden ones).

    I adjusted the wording on that page to explain that they can there uncheck the box to unsubscribe (from the public list) or change the email address.

    Works for us, thanks.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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