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    I just tested your plugin. I have a problem. If I click on the unsubscribe link I’m linked to subscribe form. But I want to get a message: You are successfully unsubscribed. This must ne for me a notification in german (e.g. “Sie wurden erfolgreich abgemeldet”). But I get a email “Goodbye” which I don’t want to be sent.

    How to fix it?

    1.) I want a page that confirmes the deregistration. That must be a individual (german) page.
    2.) I want to turn-off this goodbey-mail. How is this possible?

    Hope you can help me.


    Remove the subject from the unsubscription email and the unsubscription text can be set in the unsubscription config. panel. If you want an immediate unsubscription link, use the {unsubscription_confirm_url}.



    Hi Stefano,

    I#m sorry, but I don’t know where the unsubscribtion control panel is.

    I found plugins\newsletter\subscription\unsubscription.php. Should I edit this?

    In the WordPress backend I have only the following points:

    Newsletter -> List building and than
    * General
    * Subscription
    * Confirmation
    * Welcome
    * Profile
    * Docs

    So I don’t have the point Unsubscription and I’m not able to edit a unsubscription email.


    If I click un ubsubscripe, I get now the message:

    Your subscription has been deleted. Thank you.”

    Where can I change this message?


    I now found the following
    [code]// When you finally loosed your subscriber
    $options[‘unsubscribed_text’] =
    “<p>Herzlichen Dank, Sie wurden aus dem Verteiler entfernt…</p>”;[/code]
    in newsletter\subscription\languages\de_DE.php

    But in my case the en_US version is loaded, why?


    Now I found the place where to edit these texts: I have to click on “Newsletter”, than in the TOP Navigation “Liste erstellen” (in english perhaps “Create lists” and than “Abmeldung” or in english “Unsubscription”. Now it works fine. Just important to know, where I found it;-).


    I just tested again: I don’t want to get an email, if I unsubscribe. But if I delete the Form after click ib save botton, text is there again:

    I have the Subject: “Goodbye!”

    And the Text: “<p>This message confirms that you have unsubscribed from the {blog_title} newsletter.</p>
    <p>You’re welcome to sign up again anytime.</p>
    <p>Thank you!<br>

    How can I turn-off this mail?


    After a database-restore I have now also the possibility to deactivate this message, before the button was not visible.


    I found it rather inconvenient that there is a shortcode to edit your profile ([newsletter_profile]) but none to unsubscribe.
    Therefore I added such a shortcode with which you get a simple “Cancel subscription” button. If the user is not subscribed the button will not be visible. Maybe this is an inconvenient way but for me it was the easiest one.
    To do so you have to edit the unsubscription.php which you can find in the folder “wp-content\plugins\newsletter\unsubscription”.
    At the beginning you have to add the line add_shortcode('newsletter_unsubscribe', array($this, 'shortcode_newsletter_unsubscribe')); right before the line parent::__construct('unsubscription', '1.0.2'); (where 1.0.2 is a version number and might change in the future). And you have to add the following two functions to the NewsleterUnsubscription-class (i.e. to the end of the file):

    function shortcode_newsletter_unsubscribe($attrs, $content) {
     $user = $this->check_user();
     if (empty($user)) {
      return $content;
     return $this->get_unsubscibe_form($user);

    -> Due to some restrictions I have to publish the second function in another reply. Please see the next reply for the function “get_unsubscibe_form”.


    And here is the function “get_unsubscibe_form” which you will need for the [newsletter_unsubscribe] shortcode

    function get_unsubscibe_form($user) {
     $buffer = '';
     $buffer .= '<div class="tnp tnp-profile">';
     $buffer .= '<form action="' . $this->build_action_url('uc') . '" method="post" on_submit="return newsletter_check(this)">';
     $buffer .= '<input type="hidden" name="nk" value="' . esc_attr($user->id . '-' . $user->token) . '">';
     $buffer .= '<div class="tnp-field tnp-field-button tnp-field-unsubscribe">';
     $buffer .= '<input class="tnp-submit" type="submit" value="Cancel subscription">';
     $buffer .= "</div>\n";
     $buffer .= "</form>\n</div>\n";
     return $buffer;

    Attention: I was not able to write “on_submit” without the “_” in this reply so please correct it in the function “get_unsubscibe_form” in order to use the function.

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