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    Sorry you I don’t speak English and I’m writing with a translator.
    Complements for the plugin and for my needs the free version is more than fine for now.
    I have a question:
    when a user unsubscribes, in the plugin it goes as unsubscribed not in “unconfirmed”, I tried and the plugin still sends the email anyway.
    Also in the newsletter list the tick stays on the specific newsletter stays….for that reason I think it sends anyway.


    When the user unsubscribes it goes back to the registration page…can you make it go to the home for example? Should I use an http redirect?


    Hi, it’s correct, unconfirmed is when a subscriber subscribes but does not complete the subscription activating it (when the double opt-in is active) while unsubscribed is when it asks to not receive newsletters anymore.

    Both the unconfirmed and unsubscribed DO NOT receive the newsletter, there is a main filter to avoid that.
    When someone clicks the unsubscribe link, it is directed to the dedicated newsletter page the one configured in the Newsletter main settings,a nd that page needs to contain only the [newsletter] shortcode otherwise the messages are not shown correctly.


    Thank you, maybe you speak Italian?
    Where can I find this filter please.

    The plugin is brilliant



    This morning I tried but the user is unsubscribed still received the email.
    With the new graphics it is better but I can’t find where to put [newsletter], as a post unsubscribe page.


    Sorry again , so you only answer me once.
    How do I set the default post-subscription list?

    Thank you for your help


    Ciao, non è possibile che un sottoscrittore in stato “unsubscribed” riceva le email, il sistema di spedizione lo filtra in origine. Da cosa avete dedotto questo comportamento? E’ importante per noi capirlo per trovare eventuali problemi.

    Mary Meredith

    I am adding to this as we have this issue. We have subscribers who have unsubscribed and are STILL on the list for newsletters, therefore being sent the newsletter. When they unsubscribe, the plugin does not automatically remove them from the lists they are on.
    Our hosting provider has flagged the account because it is in violation of the CAN-SPAM act as well as a lot of other privacy guidelines.

    Is there any chance that you all are going to add an update for this? If not, we will have to search for another newsletter plugin.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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