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    Dear support,

    I wanted to have a go at the free version before switching to the premium one.

    However, I am unable to send e-mails with the plugin.

    I use Postman SMTP, along with my O365 SMTP credentials.
    The test e-mails and debug from Postman are fine.

    When I go to “Settings->Diagnostic”, I receive the following message :
    Email sent with WordPress: SUCCESS
    Email sent with Newsletter: FAILED (Undefined index: post_type)

    When I go on “Status”, all is green but the first row : “Mailing”. It is red and there is the following error :
    Last test failed with error “Undefined index: post_type”.

    Could you please help me sort this out ?



    Hi, I cannot understand from where this error is generated (Email sent with Newsletter: FAILED (Undefined index: post_type). Please try to use the status panel for a test, and before disable the direct sending in the newsletter main settings and disable the smtp in the smtp panel.

    If you want to use postman, keep the direct send and the smtp disable in Newsletter.



    Dear Stefano,

    Thank you for your answer.

    In the main settings, direct sending is set to “No”.
    In the SMTP settings, enable is set to “No”.

    I ran another test and still have this issue.

    I tried to check the logs, but I did not find anything interesting there.

    Is there some test you’d like me to run or some logs to send to you ?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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