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    Marcello Bencardino

    Hi! Amazing plugin!! 😀

    A few fellows and I have added a 100% complete Stable release. I didn’t fully understod the approval process, but I realized we have no Editor.

    I’ve gladly spent (very well) about two hours to leave it 100% complete. But I saw that there are pending translations waiting 9 months…

    This plugin is so usefull and “One Of a Kind”. What can be done for a better flow of the Translation process? I’ve just bought Poedit Pro and my next goal is the Development Trunk translation. It would be great to have the Stable file already accepted and “synced”! ;-D


    Edit: My WordPress.org user is akanale, ok?


    Hi actually we have no “power” to approve a translation, we try to get in touch with an editor. Porbably the best way is to connected to the slack channel of wordpress polyglots and ask a contact with the Brazilian editor.

    And really thank you for all your work!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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