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    We have a main mailing list and have participated in an event to gather a collection of additional subscribers via the promotion. During the promotion, participants opted in to subscribing to our newsletter.

    We’re going to receive a bulk list of emails for participants and would like to track the “life” of these new subscribers to be able to tell how long they last, orders generated, etc. Is there some way to be able to track this group?

    Our one thought is to import this group into a unique list, but that complicates things going forward when we send newsletters since we’ll have to send to both lists, etc.

    Would be preferrable to tag these new subscribers with a “source” and then use that tag in queries to see how the group does (number of unsubscribes, etc). I guess once a subscriber unsubscribes, they are removed, so tracking the size of the group would be querying the number of subscribers with the tag, but other things like total revenue generated by the group would be helpful.


    Hi, there is a refereed field but it cannot be imported, you should add them to a list and then set the referrer with a database updated.
    But you can even import the subscribers assigning them to both a main list and the specific list: lists are not mutually exclusive.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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