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    Maybe I didn’t look good, but I don’t understand the new structure very well.

    I understand that you can create own folders with themes created yourself. I made those folders (extensions/newsletter/etc.) and put in some same files as the themes in plugins/newsletter/etc. I even put in some different theme.php files.
    Still I never find these themes in the overview for creating a new newsletter-layout as described in the support-documentation.

    At first I tried the new responsive drag & drop , that I really like.
    I know I can always use a previous newsletter and copy it. But when there will be an update of the plugin, I can’t be sure that the layout still exists.

    Where can I find the layout I made? Or how do I find my custom-made themes when copied into the extensions/etc-folder?
    Or is there a whole other way?

    Thanks for the help!


    If you create a custom theme is will be available when you create a new newsletter. Updates of the plugin does not break old newsletters, once create thaye are saved definitively into the database.



    Thank you for your reply.

    sorry for my English, maybe I am unclear here and there.

    Our older version of our newsletter is not the same anymore – if you use a previous (send) newsletter, a bit of configuration is gone.

    In the past I always uploaded the folder with our own created newsletter after a pluging-update, so we could find it in the list of all ‘new newsletters’.
    It was created for ‘dummies’ so it would be easy to fill in the new edition of our newsletter.
    As statet in your upgrade-info, this way of starting a new newsletter is no longer possible with previously created html.
    This gives us the slightly forced opportunity to give a new layout to our newsletter, which is OK.
    Nevertheless, I’m not convinced that older versions stay the same and can be reused, as you mentioned 😉

    So if I follow your instructions to make a new folder etc, I cannot find that in the page ‘new newsletter’. I can go into the list though, with previous newsletters and change the layout there (re-use previous newsletter-layout).
    But than my other question rises; where is this layout saved? (other than retrieving the previous newsletter). Could I put it in ‘new newsletter’ so it could be easier to access for ‘dummies’?

    Simple example: if my colleague changes the welcoming text in a copy of a previous layout, she could accidently change the layout itself. Before there was the possibility to enter date/editionnumber/text/etc..info in a seperate window. With one click the newsletter would be updated and could be send. This was a nice way to work for her, although that was not possible anymore for some time.

    It would be nice now to create a new newsletter, to know where to find the layout-files, to make some more code-changes and than find this layout in the ‘new newsletter section’ to start the latest newsletter. If those files somehow dissapear I can than restore the folder easily.
    If you have another easy way, that I not seem to see at this time, please instruct 🙂



    OK, since last update I can see the copied folders in the extensions folder. I renamed the folders and see them in ‘start new newsletter’. I can start a new newsletter from there or create a new newsletter.
    Still, the changes won’t be saved. There is also no possibility to name or rename the creation.

    I now have copied the html-code into the themes-template I want to use. This seems to work as I expected.
    Please mention this in your ‘how to use themplates’.

    Edit: I wanted to work further on the template I created but got: Database error see the log files (log files path can be found on Newsletter diagnostic panel), when clicking on ‘proceed to edit’.
    There are more steps to consider it seems…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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