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    Hello dear team

    today I wanted to sort out, which subscribers have put their name.
    But It would be great if the list of subscribers could also be set like lists also for name
    the checkbox.

    It was just that in the beginning I didnot ask for the names, and now I have made an newsletter to ask for the names.
    But I don´t know how to sort them….
    I hope this is clear.
    thank you



    If I understand your issue correctly, this is what I would do …

    Download the entire list of subscribers you wish to sort

    Create a list named – Without Names in the newsletter app

    Open your list with a spreadsheet and sort the list the way you want – Delete all the contacts with names

    Upload them back up into the new list you created – make sure you select update

    Now you can send the contacts with no name the letter asking them to fill out the form with their name and email and it will update their contact information

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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