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    for a few days now almost none (about 5%) of my subscribers are actually receiving newsletters.
    The emails are still sent but never arrive in the subscribers’ inboxes.
    New subscribers also won’t receive the email containing the confirmation link –
    I have tried it myself with multiple accounts, none will come through.

    This happened even though I changed no settings in the last few weeks – thus, I have no clue as to the reason for this issue.

    Any ideas are much appreciated,
    thanks in advance.



    A: are you getting mails from other persons? And can you send emails by your mail client?
    B: is the mailing function still working? Go to “Newsletter / Status / Mailing” and click on “Send a test message”. And wait. And check your junk folder.
    C: do you have a contact form on your page with you as the receiver? Try to send a message with this form. And wait. And check your junk folder.

    Check https://www.thenewsletterplugin.com/documentation/email-sending-issues for more



    When I wrote this I honestly didn’t understand some of the ideas in the documentation, but after doing a bunch of tests in the last days, it’s pretty safe to say the problem can’t be with the Newsletter plugin. Thanks for taking the time to answer, but sorry I guess this forum can’t help me anymore. (I wish you could just close your own threads though)
    Well anyway, no further efforts needed, thanks anyhow.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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