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    I just set the Newsletter and tested.
    The tests run ok, I can receive the test mail on any email address. Both, SMTP included

    But, with the exception of my hosted email (the info mail of my website), subscribers can’t receive the confirmation e-mail.

    I’ve tested with GMail and Outlook. Both are not receiving the confirmation mail, not even in spam. It’s just not going, without any error.

    Thank you,


    Is not working at all.
    If I single Opt-In for auto confirmation, the subscribers don’t receive the newsletter.

    Only the test emails are working…


    Hi, this is rather strange since the confirmation email is not different from the test email. Please, try to change the confirmation email text removing for example the word subscription. Have you asked your provider is it has outgoing filters on your email?

    Which is your site? Where I can do a test?




    I reinstalled the plugin
    But still, not working. Now not even the test emails, I receive SUCCESS message but I don’t receive any message.

    The only one KO I have in the Status is

    Your PHP execution time limit is 900 seconds and cannot be changed or is too lower to grant the maximum delivery rate of Newsletter.

    But still, 900s is pretty much for sending even one message…


    Now the test emails came very late

    But If I send the test emails to the info [at] flybookra [dot] com (which is in the same host) I receive them automatically.

    It’s very strange and the plugin looks awesome :/

    I’ve finally successed sending a Newsletter…only to the info [at] flybookra address. Still, nothing arrive in other (Gmail/ outlook). Not in spam, nowhere…

    From my host I am sure I can send emails to GMail and/ or Outlook, I’m already using this…


    It’s definitely not working…
    Tried to make newsletters.
    It shows send, 4 of 4. But it arrive only on info [at] flybookra [dot] com, which is hosted on the same sv with WP
    On Gmail, Outlook and iCloud is not arriving anything.

    Deleted all (4) subscribers, made it again.
    I receive the welcome email on any address (google/ outlook/ icloud).

    But the newsletters, not.

    I am affraid I can not continue to use this (awesome looking) plugin.
    I need it working as soon as possible…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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