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    Question: How to get the list of recipients which opened the mail? Where is that information stored? I have the statistics but not the list.

    Question: Is there other information related to avoiding spam than the one on the Newsletter Plugin online documentation? Am I the only one that has spam problem even if it seems to me that I comply to all the rules? Is the Newsletter Plugin using some codes in the Newsletter that the spamming algorithms view as spamming?

    More Info on my request:

    I am using WP and I bought the license.
    I am struggling with my Newsletter being spammed.
    Even if I send the Newsletter to one recipient, me, and I add myself in the contact list.
    OHV, the website hosting company, advised me to change the mail server that I use, which I did but it did not help
    I tried to send my Newsletter to 81 customers who had indicated that they would like to get news from me.
    I followed the rules to make sure the first Newsletter complies with GDPR.
    There is an explanation of why I am using the Newsletter, an easy access to an unsubscribe button, an easy access to each subscriber profile page where he/she can change the profile data.
    I also put the number of Newsletter sent/hour at the lowest speed possible: one/hour
    That first trial did have the following statistics
    40% opened the mail
    15% clicked on my webpages for more information
    But there is no way to know how many were spammed.
    So, actually if hotmail and gmail spammed my Newsletter (which looks like it because it spammed the Newsletter that I sent to myself), that opening ratio is excellent. If it happens, most people, who received the mail unspammed, opened it.
    However, since I don’t have the list of subscribers which got it spammed, I can’t know that. Or can I?
    But what I can do is to make sure that my list of subscribers only include subscribers which don’t have spam issues so that I have better chances not to be classified wrongly as a spammer

    I can’t continue using the Plugin if this is not solved. There is no point sending newsletter that the recipients don’t receive

    Thanks for your assistance


    Hi, the reports extension gives you a list of the contacted subscribers with a newsletter and who opened your email. There is no way to know if a mail has been classified as spam. The provider is right in suggesting to change the SMTP, but which SMTP did you use? Is an SMTP correctly configured to send email from the sender you set in the plugin? OVH should give you an SMTP for emails of addresses in your domain, why not use it?

    Have you tried with an external service like sendgrid, mailgun and so on?

    Newsletter just move the message to the SMTP you selected, it cannot control if that SMTP is classified as a spam server.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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