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    I have a multisite network and one of the sites is acting as a blog and the other as a social network with buddypress. Now I am trying to build a shared subscribers database for both sites, because I want to inform users about new activity in the buddypress feed and about new articles in the blog.

    I am using the buddypress integration as well as the WP users integration. It works pretty well for my buddypress site, i.e. users get added to the subscriber list if they register. But if I want to inform them about new blog articles, these can not be embedded in the buddypress site’s newsletter. So, I tried a workaround with importing the users to the blog site’s newsletter (plugin is network activated), which worked out! But if a new member registers, he won’t be addded to the corresponding subscribers list (only to the buddypress site’s subscribers list).

    So, what I need is either a solution
    (1) to embed blog posts to my buddypress site’s newsletter
    (2) to automatically add users to my blog site’s newsletter

    Is that possible?
    Thanks! Jonas


    I tried to copy the users from my buddypress site to the bog site using the WP Remote Users Sync Plugin which worked well.
    Though, the copied users are not automatically subscribers of the newsletter.

    Still searching for a solution….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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