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    I have a list generated by downloads of our app, now we have moved to wordpress and we want to mail all of them one time. I can’t say they are confirmed. I want all new people to have to confirm.

    I’m wondering how I do this – am i able to send to unconfirmed people even though the setting says everyone needs to confirm?

    Or do I import the users as confirmed (even though they are not, techincally), and then when NEW users come on, we put them on a different list, and just never mail to this original list?]]


    You can import them in a list as unconfirmed and send a newsletter to not confirmed (see the newsletter targeting filters) with inside a link to confirm (you can use a button with link
    that is then replaced with a real link specific for each subscriber. Who remain unconfirmed simply won’t receive emaila in the future (you can delete them).

    Or simply import them as confirmed and send a newsletter where it’s clear why they receive that newsletter and if they want to opt-out they can use the link in the email footer… you probably lost fewer subscribers this way.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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