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    I installed the latest version, and upgraded Tables as well. I administrate the letter for some friend association.
    When I send the letter (I have the french version), there is a box written ‘sending’ at the top.
    Below, on the right side, another box written ‘State: send’, with the number of subscribers.
    And nothing happens, it sticks at 0%.

    What should I do?

    Thank you,



    Something reported in the status panel? Or on top of administrative panels?


    Hello Stefano, and thanks for your quick answer.
    When getting to some other section of the general board, and back to the newsletter board, it shows that the letter is sent, but very slowly. After 2 hours, it did only 73% of 270 subscribers. I see nothing specials in the panels.
    Anyway, I see that the speed is set at 100 emails per hour – should I change this setting?
    best wishes,


    Hi, I’m having a slow problem too. In 1 hour and a half, only 123 emails were sent. Could you help me?

    Sending an email is taking more than 1 second, rather slow. Read more. Average time to send an email: 1.02 seconds
    Max speed: 3542.85 emails per hour
    Max mean time measured: 4.18 seconds
    Min mean time measured: 0.18 seconds
    Total email in the sample: 5
    Runs in the sample: 5
    Runs prematurely interrupted: 0.00%

    Solomon King

    Ditto here, no further information at SendGrid for me. We were sending 400 emails in 30 mins on one list and 1600 over 2 hours on another, doing so without issue for two months. For the past two days, it is sending like one email every 5 minutes. The only notice in Status is that the email sending is slow. Just signed up for Premium to get an answer here. Not sure what else to do.


    Hello guys,

    Did you manage to solve this issue?


    Indeed the sending process is still slow. If you want to follow how many users have been sent the letter, reload the Newsletter page.
    I am not really bothered about that, as it is the newsletter of homepage that is sent every 2 weeks. But if I had to send it daily for some emergency reasons, I would be worried.


    Hello, I have this problem too.
    Any solution?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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