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    is there any possibility to sent the last newsletter
    automatically to new subscribers after the newsletter
    is already completely sent?


    I don’t think so, at least using the free version.
    If you have the premium one you can try usign the autoresponder extension (but before buying it wait for a staff member reply to be sure it works).
    Here the documentation links https://www.thenewsletterplugin.com/documentation/autoresponder-extension and https://www.thenewsletterplugin.com/documentation/followup-extension

    If you’re using the free version you can try using a little hack: check what happen if you copy the code of the newsletter you want to send in the “Text” of the welcome message (make sure too add the style tags in the head of the message and to not duplicate any tag).
    I never tried it so no idea if it works or not … let me know.



    No, we have not that option.

    If you want to send a special message to all your new subscriber, you can use the welcome email or install the autoresponder addon to create even more complex automated tasks.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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