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    After the last updates of the plugin, the sending of letters on the schedule stopped working.
    Scheduled letters are not sent. The test passes perfectly.

    In earlier versions, all letters were sent. About 6000 pieces. All settings have been verified. What happened?


    Hi, the scheduled newsletter is in sending status? You can check that on newsletter list panel.


    status: Sending 0 from 630 (i wait many hours)
    Run from WP cron, try from hosting cronjob. Cron is work (future posts was published)

    Set log level to debug. Logs is empty

    PS. Run (before full sending) on test subscribers – all letters was delivered!


    And Diagnostic panel can’t found! Only if run url like ?page=newsletter_main_diagnostic

    Is it author’s feature?


    Hi, Stefano!
    Please, I’m sorry. I found the reason why I did not have the job of the cron task.

    I’m using a configurator to connect plug-ins (Plugin Load Filter), and your Newsletter plugin was only connected to the ‘subscription’ page and main page of site.

    And i see in plugin.php code

    functions admin_menu(){
           $this->add_admin_page('diagnostic', 'Diagnostic');

    But not see in real menu? Why?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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